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Captive Mate: A Gryphon’s Fated Mate Story © 2016 by Devi Ansevi

Blood of Stone © 2016 by Jacqui Greaves

Flights of Fantasy © 2016 by Ina Morata

Leonora: Marked by Demons, a SHAKKAN Universe Story © 2016 by Essemoh Teepee

Lust on the Wing is the second anthology in the Lust seriesEach one consists of a group of individual hot and spicy novellas, containing a variety of deliciously sexy monsters, demons, and creatures of myth and legend.

This lusty, hardcore anthology is brought to you by four authors who love looking to the sky and imagining all the paranormal creatures that break the bonds of Earth’s gravity. Let our stories take flight in your imagination on the wings of mythological creatures and erotic horrors who tantalize, titillate and electrify.

We celebrate the international nature of our authors: language, grammar and style may vary between novellas, reflecting their country of origin. In this volume, authors are from the United States, New Zealand, and Great Britain.

The stories in this anthology

If it weren’t for bad luck with men, she’d have no luck at all. In Devi Ansevi’s Captive Mate, reality will never be the same for graduate student Berry Randall. She’s just learned that shifters are real, and they want her for their mate. Can she escape her captors? Or will she find freedom in the arms of the winged gryphons?

In Jacqui Greaves’ Blood of Stone, Fredegund has guarded her petrified charges for a century. With the rising of the twin moons, the Grotesques are awakening, hungry for more than food. Meanwhile, the human hordes have created the Charm, a seductress destined to destroy the balance of power between Grotesques and humans. Can Fredegund prevent the coming disaster, or will her world be changed forever?

Lila seeks a man who can satisfy her darkest desires. Porphyro and the virginal Madeleine are preparing to elope. In Ina Morata’s Flights of Fantasy, Lila sets her sights on entrapping Porphyro, and sets sexy enticements to dispose of Madeleine. When her plans go awry, Lila must use her Lilitu wiles to seduce them both.

In Essemoh Teepee’s Leonora, Marked by Daemons, we meet a feisty young woman with a secret. The SHAKKAN are the Shepherds, and humanity is their flock. For millennia they have bred Mark Bearers like Leo to withstand the most extreme forms of pleasure and pain. But nothing ever stays the same, and this is a time of great change.

[The four novellas in this book total 86,000 words. An additional section with information about the authors is also included.]


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