lust-by-the-seaTreasures from the Sea © 2016 by Devi Ansevi

To Each, Her Own © 2016 by JD Carabella

Poseidon’s Pleasure © 2016 by Katherine Nevitt. A version of this story has also been published on Amazon, under the title Poseidon’s Pleasure

First Mark and Other Episodes © 2011-2016 by Essemoh Teepee. Excerpted portions of this work have been previously published

The sea’s bounty is never without price, as shown in this quartet of lusty novellas. Four talented authors take you on a mythological odyssey of agonizing pleasure. From sea deities to Fae creatures to Lovecraftian horrors, from BDSM to tentacles to erotic horror, hold on tight as they tempt you into the ocean’s watery embrace.

Publisher’s Note: Includes adult language, sexual scenes, BDSM content, sex toys, and more. This ebook is suitable only for readers 18 and older. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

In Devi Ansevi’s Treasures from the Sea, the demands of parenthood have damped the fires for Quin and Calli. On a weekend getaway to revive their romance, they’re invited on an overnight sail. When both are attracted to the charismatic captain, will their marriage survive his unusual proposition?

In JD Carabella’s To Each, Her Own, a lonely divorcee meets a handsome stranger who ignites a reckless fire inside. Seduced and then rejected, Desiree’s depression rears its ugly head again. She’s offered a fateful choice – will she find something worth living for?

In Katherine Nevitt’s Poseidon’s Pleasure, a dark secret from Rose’s past is about to bite her in the ass. The Greek god of the sea has been promised a bride and he will have her, no matter what it takes. Can Rose bear to face the consequences when a god offers her the world?

In Essemoh Teepee’s First Mark and Other Episodes, the SHAKKAN came through gateways revealed by the sea. They are the Shepherds, humanity is their flock. For millennia they have taken a very particular tribute from humans bred to withstand the most extreme forms of pleasure and pain. Escape from such powerful masters is impossible. Or is it?

[The four novellas in this book total 70,000 words. An additional section with information about the authors is also included.]


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