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Read More Stories by JD Carabella:

See What Comes in Dreams – Modern Erotic Fairy Tales:

Forced by the Fae – Book 1

Karen is a tough as nails waitress in the nastiest roadhouse bar in town. She isn’t afraid to put any lowlife in his place. But what Karen really wants is a man who will call her bluff and claim her for his own. A man that will take what’s his and fulfill her most secret wet fantasies. Luckily for Karen, her dream is about to come true.

Milady’s Command – Book 2

Recently divorced, Juliet wonders if she’ll ever find the powerful woman she was 15 years ago when she submitted with the words ‘I do’. To seize the dominant sexual power within herself she needs to find a man who will surrender to her lust and control.

A Midsummer Night’s Cream – Book 3

Jennifer has something she wants everyone to see, but what’s the point of Exhibitionism without an audience?


Books in the Passion, Pulp, and the Paranormal Universe – A World of Lovecraftian Romance set in the 1930s:

Arrested by Passion – The Complete Series

Or Individual Books:

His Dark Desire – Arrested by Passion Book 1

Kathleen learns of her police Detective boyfriend’s secret desire to dominate her and must decide if she’s willing to submit! A tale of erotic passion, romance, and BDSM exploration in the 1930s.

Her Hidden Fantasy – Arrested by Passion Book 2

Continue on the journey of self discovery with Kathleen as Stephen forces her to admit her fantasies, and see what horrors she discovers during her investigation of the recent murders in St. Louis.

His Jurisdiction – Arrested by Passion Book 3

Kathleen is struggling to accept that submitting to Stephen means he might make sexual demands of her at anytime. As she realizes the seriousness of his commands, she must learn to face what disobedience means.

Her Confession – Arrested by Passion Book 4

Kathleen has been running from a shadowy past most of her adult life. She has alway been willing to pack up and run if they caught up to her, but now she has something worth fighting for. A man that has been teaching her that there is nothing wrong with the things she wants. If only she could admit that to herself.

Their Accord – Arrested by Passion Book 5

Kathleen’s life has taken a turn for the passionate. Her boyfriend, Steven, has introduced her to a world of sexual obedience and domination that she could never imagine. Now, a shadow from her past looms over her future; a deadly shadow that threatens to kill everyone she loves.


Nocturnal Voyeur Series – The Complete Series

Or Individual Books:

Bound by the Bear – Nocturnal Voyeur Book 1

Fiona was Kathleen’s roommate in college, she dreams about other people’s sexual fantasies. But when she finds her own dreams being filled by mind bending monsters, her only hope is a muscular native American who can change into a bear!

What Comes in Dreams – Nocturnal Voyeur Book 2

Fiona awoke from an erotic nightmare to find that she can see the secret sexual desires of everyone she meets. But her own dreams are filled with danger and temptation. Is Mack, the American Indian Werebear, her ally and protector, or does he want something else from her?

Behind the Eyes of Strangers – Nocturnal Voyeur Book 3

Fiona is afraid of her ability to see into and alter the dreams of others. Others want her power for themselves, wolves and the monster from her dreams, and they are hunting her. Her only chance is to the find the Werebear that promised to protect her.  Who will find her first?

Dreamweaver’s Obligation – Nocturnal Voyeur Book 4

Fiona’s ability to peer into dreams has gained the attention of powerful supernatural beings that all want to control her. She has chosen Mack as her protector and now must bind them together while he teaches her about the dream realm.

Oath of the Warbear – Nocturnal Voyeur Book 5

Fiona must find a way to get free from the clutches of not just the shadowy violator from her dreams, but an evil warlock with his pet monster and a pack of werewolves.

Adventures of a Space Nympho – A day in the life of a space-age porn star:

Astra Vs The Lizard Man


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