Essemoh Teepee ( has been published by Circlet Press, Cleis Press and Renaissance/Sizzler. He shares in an IPPY Gold Medal for the acclaimed anthology Carnal Machines, published by Cleis Press, which includes his steampunk story ‘Doctor Watson Makes a House Call’. While he enjoys writing erotic fiction that skirts the darker side of human experience, many of his stories turn out to have romance lurking in them, however hard he tries to expunge it!

Essemoh writes on the darker, harder side of erotica. His fascinating creation of Fabian in this story, Panic Room is very dark and extremely hard! It is a tale of a paranormal ménage et trois, (or is it quatre?) that drips with passion and arousal from almost every line. Go to Essemoh’s website for more on his writing.

Would you like to experience and feel the sensations of what it is like to give yourself to a creature like Fabian? You can immerse yourself in just such an experience with the free audio download ‘Surprize!’ It uses the unique Directed Erotic Visualisation© audio technique, created by Essemoh Teepee to take you right in to the heart of the story. It feels so real it’s scary. You can download this free .mp3 file from

There are also two scenes from Panic Room to experience if you dare. A tryst with Fabian for Gay and Bi-Curious Men and another with Matt in the woods for Hetero Women

There are nearly 200 DEV© audio experiences to suit nearly every kink, gender and orientation along with Vampires, Dragons, Incubi, Succubi, Tentacles and even Dolphins! You can find out more at the website


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