I’m a prolific, almost obsessive, reader/reviewer and author. My stories contain angst ridden, lusty and wonderfully imperfect characters with less than traditional attitudes to relationships. I always have a HFN or HEA ending but I do sometimes tease with a cliffhanger ending within a series. If you like sweet, perfect m/f couples, look elsewhere. My muse has taken me from scifi, and dark paranormal to contemporary romance, with relationship dynamics from m/f to ménage and m/m.

Before finding out how much fun writing fiction is, I had various jobs including tropical fish farmer, nursery teacher and cat breeder (all involve rounding up small beings). I’ve collected degrees in applied biology, psychology, sociology and special needs education. Along the way I’ve picked up a husband and had four sons who are mortified that mum writes about S.E.X. Husband doesn’t seem to mind…

I love hearing from readers and always reply. Feel free to contact me via goodreads, where I can be found on most days, or via amazon,  my website, facebook, or email.

Books by Emma Jaye:

Naughty or Nice? #1: Holly Berry. A Christmas Fairy story

Naughty or Nice? #2 Tinsel Time

Naughty or Nice? #3 Jingle Balls coming 2016/17


Call Girls: The Beginning

Call Girls 1: Merissa

Call Girls 2: Sasha

Call Girls 3: Lucy

Call Girls 4: Emily

Call Girls 5: Missy

Call girls 6 coming 2017


Hybrid 1: Discovery

Hybrid 2: Experiment

Hybrid 3: Flight

Hybrid 4: Fight

Hybrid 5: Silkash

Hybrid 6: Gladiatrix

Hybrid 7: Chimera

Hybrid 8: Reunited

Hybrid 9 coming 2017


Paint 1: Optical Illusion

Paint 2: Blank Canvas

Paint 3: Invisible Ink coming 2017


The Succubus Trilogy


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