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The Greenwood Goddess

One goddess. Five men. In Ina Morata’s The Greenwood Goddess, it’s Beltane, and five men have been taken prisoner by Gaia. They’ve been set a quest: compete for the goddess’ favour with the best erotic story. As captivated as the rest,... Continue Reading →

The Witch of Olympus Hollow

Lust in Spring has four luscious novellas in between its covers. The first is Byron Cane's beautiful tale.  It’s 1952, and Gale Johnson is outraged when her parents send her packing to a tiny town in Appalachia to visit the... Continue Reading →

The Chocolatier: Daemon of Hearts and Souls

This extract is taken from Ina Morata's The Chocolatier: Daemon of Hearts and Souls, which is a prequel novella to her work in progress, involving the same chocolate maker. A brief bit of context to the story: Edward is a chocolate maker,... Continue Reading →

Sir McRath Thrashes his Valentine

This extract is taken from Byron Cane's novella, Sir McRath Thrashes his Valentine, in the 5th Lust volume, Lust in Lace. Prologue For the first time in ten days, the steady thump-thump of the engines and the boiling splash of the... Continue Reading →

Ina Morata: Desires of the Winter Women

In this novella, the ghostly Icicle Woman, Tsurara, is in love with the human male she has taken for her lover. However, she's not the only ghost after Glen: her sister, Yuki, the Snow Woman, wants him, too - when I... Continue Reading →

Devi Ansevi: Sugar and Ice

In Sugar & Ice, when a banker meets a candy artist, sparks ignite - quite literally. He's the descendant of a frost giant. She's...well, that's a mystery. Whatever she is, she's got power to spare. Hawk and Candy have little... Continue Reading →

Essemoh Teepee: Panic Room

This scene is an excerpt from my story Panic Room in the latest Anthology Lust in Tooth & Claw for you to read FREE. Miranda and Matt are married and in high pressure advertising agency jobs. They love and desire each other very much but... Continue Reading →

Ina Morata: Leanan Sidhe and the Wordsmith

Extract from Leanan Sidhe and the Wordsmith by Ina Morata. This is the first in a series of Leanan Sidhe novellas, plus a prequel (where you'll find out more about the very strange and sexy bed in this book!): I’m... Continue Reading →

Essemoh Teepee: Leo…

In the story Leonora, Marked by Daemons, we got to meet a feisty young woman with a secret. She is very important to the SHAKKAN. For millennia they have used Mark Bearer like Leo, bred to withstand the most extreme forms... Continue Reading →

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