Each volume in the Lust anthology is the passionate endeavor of its contributing authors from start to finish. Befitting the anthology’s title, our stories are full of steamy goodness, exploring various kinks and sexual preferences. Although not all are ‘happily ever after’, our characters get their ‘happy ending’ (after all, it is the Lust anthology!). The themes and paranormal entities in each book have included:

Lust by the Sea (vol. 1): sea deities, oceanic myths, and Lovecraftian horrors.

Lust on the Wing (vol. 2): grotesques, gryphons, demons, and winged aliens.

Lust in Tooth & Claw (vol. 3): vampires, shifters, and lusty creatures with sharp points.

Lust in Winter (vol 4): icy apparitions, frost giants, and others who love the cold.

Lust in Lace (vol. 5): werewolves, frost giants, ghosts, goddesses and vampires celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Lust in Spring (vol. 6): Gods, goddesses, incubi and the Fae will seduce and beguile their mortal lovers in Spring.

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