IMG_0548One goddess. Five men. In Ina Morata’s The Greenwood Goddess, it’s Beltane, and five men have been taken prisoner by Gaia. They’ve been set a quest: compete for the goddess’ favour with the best erotic story. As captivated as the rest, Ben is desperate to win, not least because in this strange and magical place, losing has serious consequences. But if he wins…will the prize be what it seems?

This extract is a complete short story, told by Rob, one of the captured and enthralled men, who volunteers to relate his tale first in his bid to win the prize, as yet unknown to any of the men.


Jenny gripped the cock of the man who had sought her out. He said his name was Herne, but he drove more like he’d got the horn. He couldn’t keep his hand on the steering wheel, and his free hand disappeared up her top, squeezing her breast, and unzipped the front of her jeans, sliding into her through her knickers until her crotch was soaked.

“I’m excited. There’s really a…slave? There will be three of us?”

Herne smiled.

When the car stopped, Herne walked around to let Jenny out of the car, then led her to the back. Opening it, he revealed a naked being, collar fastened to the inside of the car. Herne released the creature, and it climbed out, falling at Herne’s feet.

“Master. Is this her?”

Herne nodded. “Sissy slave, you have my permission to explore. But worship me first.”

Jenny’s face screwed up into confusion as she stood there, pussy drenched from this gorgeous man’s fingers, her mouth falling open as she watched the sissy slave fall onto his knees, and suck Herne’s cock into his mouth like a giant lollypop.

She learned one or two things about sucking as she stood there, that was for sure. This slave swelled his Master’s cockhead first. She’d never seen anyone slip their tongue into a slit before, but Sissy did. And he swallowed the entire shaft, holding in his throat until he gagged.

Herne fucked his mouth hard, eyes closing as a long, low moan breathed from him. He grasped his Sissy’s hair. “That’s enough. Save it for your present. You have never seen one before, have you? Touch the woman, slave.”

Jenny watched this man who had seduced her with his promises of excitement. She had been curious, aroused, at his offer of both himself and an extra player in the game. She gave herself up to the tentative hands of the slave, as he made little noises whenever his fingers made contact with her flesh. One glance from Herne, and she began to slowly strip, revealing her pink bra to the inquiring slave, who found her bullet tip nipples fascinating. He rolled them around under his thumbs, and she moaned to an indulgent grin from Herne. When she slipped out of her jeans, Sissy just stood there, staring. Herne rolled his eyes, and ripped her bra and knickers clean off her, throwing the fabric into the long grass. He took the slave’s hand, and slid it between Jenny’s legs.

“Feel a woman’s pussy. Sissy. Can you feel her hard little nub? Slip your fingers through the folds—well done. Now: do this.”

Jenny let out a squeal at the sudden fullness she felt with two fingers of her strange god of a lover, and two of his sissy slave. The finger fuck was fast; juices ran from her. She wailed as the fingers pulled out.

Herne pulled his sissy slave to him. “I want her tied to the tree. I want her at one with the wood.”

The sissy slave smirked, rolling his eyes, and did as was bid, pulling Jenny’s arms to follow the line of the lowest branches, and binding her legs so that they opened up wide as the tree trunk. He wrapped his last ropes around each ankle, pulling her feet to each of the lifted roots.

“Now, my little slave, I want you to get her really wet for me. I want her to be ready to worship me. So you are going to please me by worshipping her.”

The sissy slave looked wide-eyed at his god, who pointed at Jenny’s feet. Jenny’s gasps of anticipation echoed in the grove, as Herne began to stroke his thick cock, every stroke making it more erect, longer, until it proved itself the phallus of a greenwood deity. The sissy, meantime, licked Jenny’s foot. She was astounded at her instant arousal when hot breath whispered over her toes, juice dripping from her at the rough wetness lapping at her foot, kissing it, spreading worship up the inside of her leg until the slave’s tongue met the dribbles at the top of her thigh. There was a muffled squeak, and the slave sucked hard at her flesh. She became lost in the feeling, pushing her flesh into Sissy’s mouth and gyrating her hips, so that her pussy rubbed his nose.

Herne grinned. “I’m going to use you, Sissy, while you worship her cunt. Fuck her with your mouth, and you will get your prize.” Herne watched his slave’s tentative lapping, as Jenny gave him instructions on how to make her come. Sissy’s tongue circled her clit, flicked, drew up her juices and lapped harder until she was a rolling mass of orgasm, struggling as the tree held her tight.

Herne slathered his huge dick with her juices, moving back to position himself behind his slave. “Can you see, Jenny? Watch. Over Sissy’s back.”

She watched, gasping at the sight of Herne’s massive shaft plunging into Sissy’s tight hole. He rode his slave like a Master horseman, until Sissy screamed, “That’s it. Master. You are full size now. Please let me lick you.”

Her eyes were wide as Sissy turned to suck his Master clean. She wondered what it tasted like; if it had a bitter tang; if she would want to do it.

“Now, Sissy, let me see you tickle my new worshipper’s pussy.” The slave’s fingers filled her again, at Herne’s orders.

“No, silly Sissy. With your cock. Let me watch you pat her pussy until she comes.” She jumped when his erection slapped against her mons. He stared at her all the while, clearly mesmerised by a real live woman. One look in the eyes of this desperate creature, and she let her mind go, feeling it against her, feeling Herne brush against her, as he fed the cock to her nub, slapping it over her so that her clit popped its hood and she felt the full force of the slap, over and over. Her juices flowed, and Herne dipped his finger in to taste, before pushing Sissy to the floor. “On your knees to me, Sissy, and do what I keep you for.”

Herne turned to Jenny, his fingers running along the ropes that bound her. “I’m going to make you come, and you’re not going to be able to escape. Even if you fall unconscious with your orgasm, I’ll still continue until I’m done. Do you understand?” She nodded. “You’re going to have something you’ve not had before. Sissy is here to serve. And I must be worshipped, and you’ll worship me before I’m done.”

He pressed his wet tip onto her entrance. She could feel it, hot and wanting to stretch her open. And she felt more—the soaking, slick and flicking tongue of Sissy, moving against her, too. She wanted desperately to touch herself, but she couldn’t; all she could do was move her head to watch as Sissy lapped at Herne’s balls while his cock lunged in and out of her, thrusting deep.

Sissy’s tongue made love to her pussy, too, licking round her cunt, and taking god and worshipper at once. Jenny squealed in delight as both god’s cock and slave’s tongue plunged her together, and she came hard, fighting the tree, the orgasm roaring through her, ripping at her senses, as Herne’s almighty grunt came in time with his hot jet deep inside her.

As he pulled out, Sissy lapped him up, and set to work on Jenny, too, tickling her to another wave of orgasm just as she fell out of the one from her god. Her mind fled her body…

Sissy was kissing her feet as she came round. Herne grinned, “That’s the end of the game, Jenny. Would you like to play again? I can bring Sissy’s cousin, Sassy, next time. If, that is, you believe you can cope with being fucked by a god and his female slave.”

Jenny grinned, as Herne instructed Sissy to unbind her from the tree. “What d’you think?”


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