Extract from Blood and Stone, by Jacqui Greaves:

Clovis inhaled, re-inflating his lungs as the silver light of the second moon touched his freshly exposed skin. He roared, raising his arms and face to the night sky, wings stretched to their full span. The burst of flame illuminated the entire chateau and Fredegund trembled in awe and desire at his magnificence.

“Clovis. I am Fredegund, the Guardian. Remember me.” Her voice rose, powerful and commanding despite her raw emotions.

Turning his terrible regard in her direction, the vertical slits of his pupils widened. Clovis tipped his head sideways to stare down at her. His nostrils flared and his forked tongue flicked out through parted thick lips to taste the air. His cock engorged and hardened as the flavours ignited his desire.

“I remember you, Guardian. Service me.”

Stung he’d used her honorific, and not her name, Fredegund hesitated in her response.

Clovis didn’t ask twice. Using his tail, he knocked her off her feet.

Realising her mistake, and the danger she’d put them in, Fredegund flipped herself over onto all fours. She spread her legs and raised her tail to expose her sex. Although she would never ripen, she felt the pull of the moons. Her lips wet with anticipation.

Dropping to his knees in an instant, Clovis pressed his erection into her, pushing hard against her tight resistance until he was fully sheathed. Fredegund groaned. The friction of his entry heated her from the inside. Each time Clovis withdrew and punched into her again, the heat grew. His pounding increased in tempo. Fredegund imagined she could taste his saltiness at the back of her throat.

Her limbs quivered and the walls of her cunt began to pulsate in ecstasy. He plunged on through her screams, only heaving into his own orgasm when her final contraction fluttered away. Fredegund gasped in delight as Clovis jerked and filled her with a wild roar.

With the waking of the males, stone ground against stone, causing the air to vibrate around them. She would be busy tonight if she was to protect them all.