This scene is an excerpt from my story Panic Room in the latest Anthology Lust in Tooth & Claw for you to read FREE.

Miranda and Matt are married and in high pressure advertising agency jobs. They love and desire each other very much but decide to have a dirty weekend away at a lakeside retreat to get away from the hurly burly and focus on each other. Their weekend of sexy fun just happens to be over a Full Moon and they didn’t bargain on meeting someone like Fabien.

This first scene is just after the couple have met Fabien for the first time and Miranda is feeling very hot and bothered…

Miranda followed Matt through the tall grass; the seed heads stroked her thighs and calves. Her breathing was still uneven and she could not get Fabian’s penetrating eyes out of her mind.

“Fabian seems an interesting guy,” Matt said over his shoulder as he pushed through the trees.


The trees opened out into a clearing and there was the sound of a stream swirling and bubbling over a pebble bed. It made Miranda even more aware of how wet she was and the orgasm she had in front of Fabian. The exhibitionist in her was thrilled but another part of her wanted to curl up in a cave and hide.

“This is a really beautiful place, Mirri. I envy him his lifestyle. Would you like us to live like him, out here alone in the woods?”


Matt turned to look at her. She had almost snapped her reply.

“What’s the matter, Mirri?”


Matt came back and held her arms. Meeting her gaze, he said,

“Talk to me.”

“Will you hold me, Matt? I’m scared.”

“Why? What’s scared you, sweetie?”

“I don’t know. I’m just scared. Hold me, please.”

Matt enfolded her in his arms and she felt a little more secure. His hands were warm on her body through the thin dress and she snuggled in to his chest. She looked up at him as he smiled down, and she breathed in the scent of her man.

“Have me, Matt. Take me here. Please.”

Matt bent further and kissed her mouth. She melted at the warmth of his tongue on hers.


Fabian stood in the shadows under the trees watching the couple kiss in the clearing. Fire ran along his nerves as he watched the man lift the green dress over the girl’s head and run his hands over her pale body. Fabian shifted position to more clearly see them both as they moved to a fallen tree trunk.

The girl bent forward and grasped the dead branches to steady herself, arching her back to push her rump towards her mate. Fabian licked his lips as he watched her lover kneel behind her and bury his face between her rounded cheeks.


Matt tasted Miranda with the tip of his tongue before plunging it between her labia and licking inside her. She was soaking and so ready. Her legs spread further as she bent her knees to allow him more access. Lapping at her sex, he favored her clit and parted her buttocks with his fingers.

He knew exactly what he wanted to do to Miranda. He licked further and felt her shudder as the tip of his tongue pressed into her ass. Her groan and pushing her hips back onto him made his cock stiffen even more.


Miranda felt Matt stand up and slip his hand down between her legs, sliding his fingers into her, making her moan. She felt him doing something and then his other hand came into view with his leather belt dangling. The sight of it made her gasp; she had felt its bite before but not for some time. The memory of exquisite pain and pleasure made her writhe and sit lower onto his hand, taking his fingers deeper.

“Good girl, that’s it. Take it, Mirri.” His voice, deep with desire made goose bumps rise on her back and arms.

“Relax, baby, just relax for me.”

Miranda gasped as he twisted his fingers inside her, easing them a little deeper with each movement. She was so aroused, so wet and so very ready that when she spread her thighs wider his hand slid all the way up inside her.

“Oh God! Fuck, yesss.”

“Good Girl, easy now, get used to the feel. You okay?”

“Fuck yes. Don’t stop Mattie.”

Miranda groaned, deep down as his knuckles stretched her, raking across sensitive nerves with each slow, grinding twist. She could feel the bones of Matt’s wrist sliding under his skin against her labia as he carefully rotated his fist inside of her. She cried out as he began to gradually push deeper and then withdraw and she gasped the words,

“Deeper, push deeper.”

Matt pumped his fist in her cunt and each thrust pushed her towards a precipice, a long fall of pleasure that threatened to break her with its intensity.

“I’m cumming Mattie, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Miranda’s body tightened around his fist and she arched her back as the overwhelming climax overtook her every sense. Blackness threatened to engulf her and she felt her legs weaken. Matt’s arm around her waist supported her from falling. She screamed with a second release as Matt carefully twisted his hand out of her, a hot gush following its withdrawal.

Still supporting her, Matt wrapped his belt around her wrists and strapped her hands to a branch. She trembled now, not knowing what he would do next but wanting him to do it soon. She was floating, high from the powerful orgasms but needing even more. It scared her, just how much she wanted to come. She had never felt so aroused, so wanton. She wanted to be filled, stretched possessed. She wanted to fuck. Miranda whimpered as Matt slid his fingers into her and then out and up to play with her sensitive pucker, slippery from his tongue and her release. The tip of one finger slowly easing into her ass made her groan; when he twisted it she moaned more loudly.

“Take me, hurt me. Make me feel you.”

He worked a second finger in and began to stretch her, readying her. Her sex was so wet now that she could feel it streaming down the inside of her thigh. She so wanted this, wanted him to own her, possesses her utterly in every way. She wanted his thick heat to drive those fascinating grey eyes from her mind.

“Fuck me, Matt, fuck my ass.”

The feel of his hardness opening her cunt drove her arousal even higher. Miranda pushed back and Matt slipped easily into her wet heat, making her groan as she felt the ridge slide inside. She moved her hips, fucking herself on his cock, moaning with loss as he withdrew. Lubricated with her essence, Matt pressed against her once more, a little higher and with more force to ease himself partly into her tighter entry.

She cried out, “Oh God, Matt. Do it now,” and ground her hips back against him, forcing him deeper into her ass. Then everything was outside her control.

Matt drove into her until she felt the fur at the base of him against her rump. With each fresh thrust his sac struck her clit making her whimper. Miranda wanted to move further and help him take her more deeply but her wrists dragged against the leather bonds, the sensation of helplessness driving her higher. She squirmed as Matt reached under her and gripped one breast, using it to drag her back onto him.

Matt twisted her silk scarf, tightening it around her throat, using it like a halter to control her, to overpower her, while he rode her even harder. Her orgasm was explosive and she arched and screamed. It was a different type of climax when he fucked her there, deeper, mellower in a way but it still shook her whole body. The feeling of surrender and freedom in submission was so much more poignant when he took her this way.

“That’s it, Mirri, take it. Take it and cum hard for me.”

She bent her knees a little more, pushed back to meet him and did as he demanded, screaming every time she came for her man.


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