In the story Leonora, Marked by Daemons, we got to meet a feisty young woman with a secret. She is very important to the SHAKKAN. For millennia they have used Mark Bearer like Leo, bred to withstand the most extreme forms of pleasure and pain, to feed their needs. But this is a time of great change.

We left of the story just as Leo had learned that she was going to be bred like a prize heifer to produce a child. A girl who in her turn would also bear the weight of the Mark and feed the monstrous SHAKKAN.

Here you can read the next scene and discover more of the secrets of the SHAKKAN Universe


Nicci had begged me to stay with her after I had hung up the phone a little dazed, but I needed to talk with someone about what Holly had just dropped on me, not have more sex. Where does a girl go to talk life and babies? To Mom where else?

The cabbie dropped me on the corner. The short walk through well-lit trendy dockland streets was relatively quiet at this hour.

Mother and Grandmother own and run a small broadcast studio from a renovated warehouse suite. They offer a number of services for small film and TV production companies during the day, but from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. is where most of their income comes from.

I walked behind the remote cameras towards the directors control and edit suite.

Somewhere in there they were getting a little carried away, my pendant was gently glowing with the Orgone from a couple of orgasms.

Despite the night I had already had with the workout at the Club and my little dalliance with Nicci, the Mark was making me sniff the air for more. I had to concentrate on the reason I was here otherwise I might strip off to join in, it had happened before, Mom still had the tapes.

All the camera equipment during the night shift was remotely operated from the edit suite set against one wall of the studio.

Inside, Grandmother was sitting in a leather chair in front of a bank of big plasma monitors displaying all the camera feeds. She took regular sips of very strong espresso coffee, alternating with pulls of her favourite peach schnapps as she blended the different camera images into the broadcast output to the satellite feed. She had a fine touch and an appreciation of the erotic that was very special, derived from her long years in show business and bearing the Mark in her time.

“Hello Gran, you OK? Is Mom in tonight?”

“Hello Kitten, I’m fine. Good to see you but you’re out late, was your Mother expecting you?”

“I wanted to talk to Mom about some stuff, Gran.” It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell my Grandmother it was just that I really wanted my Mom just now. A girl never grows out of needing her Mom.

“Your Mother’s in the loo, darling I think it’s her age,” Gran chuckled.

We both laughed. Gran was nearly 76 but looked more like Mom’s older sister than her mother. Funny thing was people said the same thing about Mom and me, great for her at 49 but I wasn’t so sure what that said about me!

Grandmother leant forward to adjust one of the many joysticks controlling the studio cameras and spoke into a mike stalk with a number 3 on it. The microphones connected privately to the earpieces the girls all wore to take punter’s phone calls at four euros’ a minute while they talked dirty to the girls as they writhed on screen.

“Janie, cool it down, darling. You’re showing way too much pink,” Gran looked over at me and winked as she carried on,

“Go take a coffee break. Put some dry panties on then slow it down love, make them want to pay to see into your pussy, don’t give it away.” Turning in her chair to me she said,

“Some of them get so into it they forget they are on air.”

Gran chuckled and took another slug from her glass.

“I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often Gran, I couldn’t keep that up for hours on end without coming all over the place.”

Through the plate glass picture window I saw my mother picking her way back towards the edit suite. I have always admired my mother; at nearly 50 she looked hot. She kept in shape and dressed elegantly in styles that were classic, yet from contemporary designers.  She oozed sensuality, her body catlike and fluid when in motion, sculpted and desirable when at rest. When she smiled it spread her generous mouth in a wickedly promising way that hardened straight men and melted many women to an instant puddle.

I had shared many of my partners with her over the years; it was either that or lose them completely to her bed. Bearing the Mark puts weird strains on family relationships.  I couldn’t bring a lover, boy or girl home without them being blown away by her sexual magnetism.

She never encouraged them or tried to seduce them away from me, she didn’t have to; they all just wanted to fuck her brains out on sight.

When Dad had been alive they had sustained a loving relationship through all my life and all the strange pressures Mom had as a Mark Bearer until he was killed in a car accident the night I was Marked.

Childhood had been interesting around her especially when she was still performing in the porn business. I always felt safe and protected, but looking back it was pretty far from the norm and I suppose some of the visitors to our home must have been more than a little peculiar.

I got to spend a lot of time with my grandmother when I was younger and Mom was working and we all got pretty close, girlfriends that can tell each other the stuff normally parents shouldn’t know. I was probably going to need both of them for this.

“Hello Lee, this is a nice surprise, give your old mother a kiss.” She offered her soft cheek and I dutifully played the old game, as at the last instant she turned and we kissed each other full on the lips. She had taught me how to kiss properly, my Mom could make a girl cum with just one of her kisses if she really tried, I knew. Yeah, OK so I had a really odd childhood.

“Hi Mom, your looking well, business good?” I asked when we parted to draw breath.


“Keeps your Grandmother and me off the streets, darling, we’re too old to be pulling tricks,” she had that wicked half smile of hers.

“Speak for yourself Daughter; I still have some regular clients who appreciate the mature, more experienced whore!” Mother just waved an elegant hand, dismissing my Grandmother’s quip.

“You seem to have expanded operations?” I said.

“We have had to take time from the day crew to do some commissioned pieces, fantasy requests from special punters and other adult channels, some of the stuff is wild, you’d like it Kitten.”

“Gran you know I’m not into kink!”

“Don’t knock it Kitten, kink put you through Art school,” she chuckled.

“Lovely as it is to see you darling; you’re not here just to visit are you? You’ve got something on your mind, what is it?” Mother could always read me.

As a young teen I swore she was telepathic and tried to make my thoughts unreadable by silently saying ‘la la la’ in my head when I was hiding something. It had never ever worked.

“I had a call from Holly this evening; she wanted to tell me something.”

Mother remained silent but Gran chirped,

“Isn’t that the little girl with a big nose who you used to play with in school?”

“Yes Gran, she’s the Shepherds Speaker now, local Giving Master for the Cult.”

“Ah, yes so she is, I had forgotten how self-important she could be. So the BILLUDA made her UNKIN UGULA?” Gran muttered. Only a few like Gran and Cult scholars still used the Sumerian terms for Cult or BILLUDA matters, UNKIN UGULA was the formal name for Holly’s role. They were both looking at me now; I think Mother knew what was coming.

“She said it was ‘my time’. She said the Shepherds told her that I am ready. I’m to have a baby.”

Mother exhaled a breath she must have been holding from my saying Holly’s name, Grandmother pursed her lips and muttered, “LUMMA.”

“Fertile or not Gran, I don’t feel ready to have children,” I said, “I don’t even have a serious partner I want to have babies with.” My feelings showed in the squeak of my voice.

“It doesn’t work like that Kitten; they find a mate for you. Someone with UTUG, the characteristics they want to strengthen in the line,” Grandmother said quietly, Mother still said nothing.

“I don’t think I want to be bred, mated to some unknown stud like a pedigree pet!” I am ashamed to say I wailed this last.

“We’re not pets Lee, we’re cattle,” Mother spoke quietly at first, “a herd of dairy cows, bred to be good milkers with oversized udders that are agony if not regularly milked” she paused and then said, “They should be called Cowherds not Shepherds, URUM XUL.” Mother almost spat the last; spawn of evil, her eyes narrow with a bitter anger I had very rarely seen.

“Nora that isn’t helping the girl, she has to face what we all have had to accept in our time, there is no escape from our heritage, LUKUN GURZI,” Grandmother said placing her hand gently on Mother’s forearm.

“Heritage! LUKUN in truth, whores for the monsters, their GURZI, their ‘breath of life bearers’, curse is a better word, Mother. They bred me to a boy, a frightened young foreigner I had never met and who could barely speak my language. We were two terrified kids suffocating in all that ceremony and BILLUDA claptrap.” Mother looked at me, her eyes blazing and said,

“Then they took away my brave Hugo, my man, my life mate in his prime and now they want to inflict their inhumanity on my beautiful daughter.” She was crying now, something I had hardly ever seen her do apart from at Dad’s funeral.

“SABALA, breed her to another stranger like a heifer in the fields,” Mother’s voice was low now and cold, spitting the words as though sour in her mouth.

“It is what we do dear, LUKUN GURZI, what we have done for so long many of us have forgotten why, forgotten the Bargain,” Gran said.

“I know Mother but it makes it no easier to bear. I had buried my head in the sand, denying this time had to come.”

“Well it has, as we knew it would and this is not helping the child.”

I didn’t understand what was going on, I had always known that I would have to bear a successor; it was inevitable, I just had not expected it so soon.

“Grandmother, I am a grown women, I can take it whatever it is. I have Given more than a hundred times; the monsters are no worse now than they were my very first time.” I was annoyed that they still thought to treat me like a child and a little confused by what I didn’t know.

My mother began to cry again, this time silently leaking tears as she sat, upright and otherwise composed at the video edit desk.  My mother hardly ever cried. There was something else, something they weren’t telling me, something I had missed.

“What did the SHAKKAN have to do with Dad’s death; I thought it was an accident? You just said they took him, why, what did you mean, when did they ‘take him’?”

Mother just sat very still crying in silence. It was Grandmother who answered.

“Hugo died the night you were Marked, Kitten.”

“I know that, there was an accident on our way back home. I was unconscious in the car after being Marked.”

“There was no accident, Kitten. Hugo tried to stop the SHAKKAN Marking you.”

“Dad was there? I thought he was killed on the road while he was fixing the tyre?” I said looking from one to the other.

Mom spoke, “The SHAKKAN killed him when he tried to make them release you. You were screaming so much he couldn’t take it. He knew that you would recover from any injury, but the pain the HULGAL were inflicting on you was just too much for him to bear.” Mother called the monsters ‘evil ones’, I began to understand.

“Oh God, why didn’t I ever know, why did neither of you never tell me what happened?”

“You were out of it. The Marking is excruciating but the SHAKKAN nerve block it, your body knows the agony but you don’t remember it. I had explained it to him, he shouldn’t have been there but he loved you so much and wanted to be with you, he couldn’t have cared more for you if you had been his own.” She buried her head in her hands

I could feel tears burning on my cheeks

“He didn’t suffer Nora, it was mercifully swift, he was gone before he hit the floor.” Grandmother had got up and wrapped her arms around Mother’s heaving shoulders as she broke down and sobbed bitterly.

“I don’t care,” Mother said, “he’s dead, they slaughtered him for nothing, IDIMMU XUL, the evil demonic bastards took him from me. Leave me be, Mother,” she shrugged Grandmother off, jumped up and strode out of the suite, heading for the toilets.

“She’ll be OK Kitten; this has brought it all back. She loved Hugo very much and they were good together.”

I dug a wad of tissues from a box on the mixing desk and dried my face.

“I never knew, Gran, all these years, why did you or Mom not tell me?”

“It’s tough enough being GURZI as it is, Kitten, too many negative thoughts about the Shepherds will pass through the Mark and can sour the Giving. It makes it harder to give yourself to them in the way that you must and they can somehow taste it in the Orgone.”

“They don’t like that; they take steps to remedy it. You’ve heard that they can choose to leave you a virtually brain dead body only capable of ARU, mindless fucking, orgasm and LUMMA, giving birth.”

“I have heard you say ARU LUMMA once before, when I was much younger. I asked you and you told me it was a mythical creature!”

“I have only ever seen one such pitiful creature, in Lima when I was still working. Anyone could use her, it charged her Mark for the SHAKKAN to feed, it was terrible.” The hurt look in her eyes was deep.

“God Gran, why do we stay involved with them?” I felt sick as I said it, “why don’t we; humanity, why don’t we do something, I don’t know, fight back? Why can’t we get rid of them?”

“Some do fight them Kitten, but our world is all about secrets and power and sex. The Shepherds have been manipulating us with all three for a very long time,” Gran paused to sip some schnapps. “I suppose if we all stood up to them together we could fight them. They are mortal, they’re powerful in their way but not as deadly as our technology, they can be killed. They left us alone once and we got away from them for a while. They didn’t get the Industrial Revolution until we detonated the first atomic Bomb. That got their attention! We have been under the thumb ever since.”

Grandmother got up and went to the window.

“They need us to co-operate with them, fight their battles for them and not against them. They seduce us with ancient secrets and easy sex, a potent mix that snares the powerful like a drug or GELAL, incubus. Politicians and leaders, men and women have been easily led by their noses through millennia of time in return for the Shepherds seductive coin. ARU ARI, Orgasms are more addictive than heroin, Kitten.”

“I had the running dream again, Gran.”

“The three girls?” Grandmother turned away from the window and looked at me, a distant look in her eyes.

“Yes, and the stones by the sea.”

“Our Mother, the first of us, a survivor. We are one of the few unbroken lines, Kitten.”

She turned to look out of the window again and was silent.

“What do you mean “some do” fight back, Gran?”

“What, oh, nothing dear, just words. Go to your mother, she needs you.”

“Dear God, Gran, I need both of you, but you meant something just now, not just words, you know something. No more secrets Gran, I need to know everything.” She turned back and stared at me,

“The Shepherds live outside linear time, Kitten they slide in and out of our time through the Portals, you know that much.” I nodded in agreement and Grandmother went on,

“There are also humans who cheat time. There are a few eternal, immortal minds that move from body to body living many lifetimes, learning much as they go. They try where they can to balance the SHAKKAN, frustrate their plans in the small hope that we may grow strong enough to shake the Shepherds off our backs.”

“That’s fantasy Gran, where are they these people, why don’t they show themselves do something positive?” I was angry at being owned by inhuman daemons, nothing but a slave to their needs, LUKUN, their whore.

“There is a name I have heard, a long time ago. He, she, it, I don’t know what, is involved in direct action,” Grandmother said slowly. “There is a point of contact with the active resistance,” Grandmother stopped speaking; looking through the window as Mother appeared, slowly walking back towards the suite.

“What’s the name Gran, who are they, how do you contact them?”

“Ashae; that was the name I heard. It was many years ago, before your mother was Marked.” Grandmother stopped speaking as Mother came through the door.

“Lee you will need to know some things about; about what is going to happen. Come and sit down by me.”

All three of us pulled swivel chairs together.

“Lee, there will be a big ceremony, as usual an excuse for the Cult to have a party and invite influential people to a spectacle, see SHAKKAN in the fearful flesh and ply them with uninhibited willing partners and as much sex as they can take. A little blackmail and the promise of more orgasms goes a long way”

“When, when will all this happen?” I asked, it was Grandmother who answered.

“They will call you, Kitten. They will have already selected a sire, a man with the characteristics they want to strengthen the line. The Shepherds will be there, observing. Everyone will be watching, it is a big event for the Cult.”

“I have to do all this in public?”

“Nothing you haven’t done before Kitten.” Gran tried to calm me down, make light of the whole thing.

“This is not just sex, Gran I’m going to conceive!” I couldn’t believe how easily she dismissed it.

“What will I say to the, the Sire, the father or whatever?” I suddenly had a thought, “What if I don’t like them?”

Mother answered, “The Mark takes care of that, he will be your heart’s desire when you are with him, you won’t want, can’t want anyone else.” No one seemed to have anything to say for a while.

Grandmother spoke into the pause.

“The Mark eases the way, Kitten.”

“Lee, I told you your father was a young foreign student, you have his eyes, his hair was much lighter. He was so nervous and not normally the type of man who lights my fire, but he was wonderful when we were together. We mated the prescribed three times in as many hours, he was very virile as well.”

“The Mark can do things to you, Lee make you feel anything the SHAKKAN choose to make you feel, to suit their ends,” she grinned and said, “Besides, he was cute for a young guy and he really knew how to fuck.”

I couldn’t help snorting.

“Anyway he gave me you, darling everything I could have wished for in a daughter. I named you after him, sort of.” She said, a little wistfully I thought. The Mark really does have a lot to answer for.

I said, “I need some time to get my head around it all, find some space for me.”

“Don’t go too far away Lee, you don’t want them to send their enforcers to come for you.”

“I’ll wait for the call, but I have a life too and I intend to live it.”



There are many clues in this scene to the coming events that will shape Leo’s life as well as the future of Humanity itself. I will announce more episodes and scenes from The SHAKKAN Universe here and on my Blog.