In Sugar & Ice, when a banker meets a candy artist, sparks ignite – quite literally. He’s the descendant of a frost giant. She’s…well, that’s a mystery. Whatever she is, she’s got power to spare. Hawk and Candy have little in common, or so they believe. And then the dreams start. With dark forces working against them, can they overcome their differences in time?

Candy slept the sleep of the sexually exhausted.

Hawk woke her again at four am. She smacked at his hands, but he was insistent. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. She finally realized he was serious when he captured both her wrists and held them over her head, then sucked her sore nipples until she stopped trying to twist away. At which point, he got between her thighs and feasted on her until she came for him. Then he sucked her clitoris until she was at the edge again.

“On your stomach,” he said. The bedside lamp had never been turned off. He looked sexy and scruffy with stubbly chin, pretty blue eyes, and ruffled hair.

Her stomach clenching in dreadful excitement, she turned over and buried her face in the pillow. This was her favorite position. It seemed to open her deeper, but her lover always felt longer and thicker, too, making it an intense experience. And she was already sore.

He stroked her back and buttocks, long, sweeping caresses, massaging her shoulders, down the line of her spine, drawing moans of joy from Candy.

Then he held her butt cheeks apart and dripped lube between them.

She shuddered. “What are you going to do?”

“What do you want me to do?” he asked, in that delicious, deep voice that made her melt onto the sheets.

“I don’t know. I’ve never done anything back there except in our dreams.” It hadn’t hurt in the dreams. Well, only as much as she wanted it to hurt. That was probably another difference with real life.

“We’ll see what you like,” he said, and something tickled at her right rosette. “Just my thumb,” he said. “Do you like how that feels? You loved this in the dream. Does it feel different?”

“Oh, Hawk.” His gentle caress felt incredible. “That’s good. Really good.” He pressed against the knot of muscle, the lube easing his way. “Ohhhh,” she groaned.

“Good?” he murmured.

“Aches,” she said, pressing her face into the pillow. “So good.”

He spent several minutes letting her get accustomed to the sensation before withdrawing. When he touched her again, he opened her around two fingers. Candy was so caught up in the sensations that it took her a minute to realize she had raised onto her hands and knees, arching her back. “So, oh, burns,” she said, incoherent. “Hawk, I want it, I want—“ She fumbled between her legs, needing to touch herself.

“Let me,” he said, getting there first. “Tell me where it feels best. Here?” She groaned. “Here?”

“In me,” she begged. “I want you in me.”

He played with her for several minutes, making her wait, giving her tender touches and gentle caresses until she bucked against him, her channel soaked with need.

Then his fingers withdrew from her bottom, leaving emptiness behind. The sound of tearing foil made her stomach clench.

“Let’s find the place inside that you liked,” he said, “The one that made you drip on the coffee table.”

She clutched at the pillow when his thick head parted her lips. The angle was different, it made her already-tender flesh burn with the intense, aching stretch. “Open for me,” he crooned, reaching around to pinch her clitoris with slippery fingers. “My cock is covered with lube, you can’t keep me out, can you? Anything I want, I’m going to have.”

The wide head breached her entrance and she cried out, pleading for him to go slow, to go easy, to please, please, give her more.

He pushed what felt like a mile of himself inside and then held while her body tried to squeeze him out with involuntary convulsions. He tangled rough hands in her hair and tugged her head back, refusing to let her hide her face in the pillow. Then he withdrew, slowly, so slowly, until he found the spot that made her eyes roll back in her head.

That spot turned her into a wild woman. She agreed to do anything he wanted, if only he would never stop stroking it. He laughed, a hungry, dangerous sound, and wrapped her hair around his wrist, gripping close to her scalp and pulling her almost to a kneeling position. She put her hands behind her and held onto his arms, relaxing onto him, her channel milking the thick head pressed exactly where she needed. He wrapped an arm around her hips, keeping her secure, and worked himself against her until she forgot to breathe, overwhelmed by the rush of pleasure.

Then he pushed her forward onto her hands and knees and made her raise her bottom as high as she could, while she quivered still from the force of the orgasm. Gripping her hips, he shoved in, hard, over and over. The bruising force made her cry out, begging him to stop, to be gentle.

“No,” he growled, and his refusal flooded her veins with liquid fire. She melted for him again, crying with the agony of her release. That time, he followed her over the edge, then curled around her, soothing her as, overwhelmed by the catharsis of passion, she sobbed herself to sleep.

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